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What are some of the craziest, most insanely amazing instrumental feats you have ever heard or seen in music. I'm talking modern virtuosic ventures.

Intro post...because I have nothing better to do...

Favorite bands: Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, STP, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Candlebox
Favorite songs: change daily based on mood...I guess the ones I keep coming back to are Black (PJ), Disarm (SP), Rain (CB), Far Behind (CB)...
I also play guitar and bass...and am a massive hermit...Concerts I've been to are
Matthew Sweet/Soul Asylum 1995
Garbage/Smashing Pumpkins 1996
Sparta/Pearl Jam 2003
Death Cab for Cutie/Gob Roberts/Pearl Jam 2004
Candlebox 2006

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Great stuff old and new

Hey y'all.  My first post here.  By and large I would tend to agree with a lot of the bands folks on here seem to like.  That stuff never really went away entirely, it was just marketed as something different.  ("Grunge"? Please.)  A lot of the vibe, groove and whatnot from Soundgarden etc still exist in the Stonerrock thing happening nowadays. Anyone here get into Goatsnake?  S'got Pete Stahl from Wool/Scream, and the dude from Engine Kid who's now in SunnO)))).  Fan-freaking-tastic stuff.  Fans of AIC or the heavier 90s side will dig 'em for sure.
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hi guys, this is my first post...or posting, i guess it's called. i just wanted to say that i finally got a copy of soundgarden's fopp e.p., and i love it. 'entering' is an incredible song. for those of you who like soundgarden for black hole sun etc, you really should check this out. it's really led zepplin-y...definitely cool. and yes, i agree: music was way better in the 90s.

Hello Hello

Hey. I've been a member of this thing for a few months and never said anything.

I'm a big fan of Grunge and Alternative rock from the 90's. STP, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, The Toadies, Smashing Pumpkins...you get the idea.

I also just recently re-purchased a copy of "Talk Show" by...well... Talk Show, which is pretty much Stone Temple Pilots minus Scott with some other dude in his place. It's out of print, but a damn good cd. Worth listening to and searching eBay for.
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